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Fed-consult – valuation company established in 2010 and based in Moscow, Russia. Our company is an independent, employee-owned enterprise, incorporated by the team of professionals, who have considerable experience in valuation and consultancy.

Over the past 5 years, we have accumulated our experience and developed professional links in Russia. Today, the ranks of our partners include the largest banks and corporations. At the same time, we also work with mid-size and small businesses.

We provide full range of independent valuation services in Moscow and other regions of Russian Federation, including valuation of all types of real estate, property and property rights.

Main activities we offer:

  • Valuation of real estate, residential and commercial
  • Valuation of land lots
  • Valuation of construction plants and equipment
  • Valuation of cars

Fed-consult has been ranked among the top 100 Russian valuation companies by the International group of rating agencies RAEX.

Fed-consult strategy is: to provide an independent valuation services, to ensure providing an outstanding service that exceeds customer’s expectations, and ensure compliance to various standards and laws.

Our valuation services are subject to the Russian Federal Law No. 135-FZ «On Valuation Activities in Russian Federation» and comply with the Russian Federal Valuation Standards (FSO 1-3), as well as with international valuation standards IVS-2000.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us:


Leninskaya Sloboda, 19 bld.1
Moscow 123022, Russian Federation